About Spirit of Sophia

About Spirit of Sophia


Women will be empowered spiritually, therefore bringing strength and wisdom to their families and communities, resulting in a more compassionate world.


Spirit of Sophia brings women together to grow spiritually as they are heard and honored through their shared wisdom.

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Louisville, Kentucky.

Events coming up

ongoing events, circles, workshops and retreats

New Moon Soul Circle

Circle will meet the second Sunday of each month3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST We will meet August 8th “virtually” …

Cassandra Speaks Book Study

“Cassandra Speaks” Sophia’s Circle 4-week book study with special guest appearance of author, Elizabeth Lesser, on August 24th! a virtual …

Enneagram Circle

A virtual community learning circle for women Co-facilitators: Dorothy Hatic and Marcy Allman Third Thursday of each month 6:30 pm …

Legacy Writing Workshop

With Kimberly Crum A four-week “virtual” workshop for women Mondays,  July 19, 26, Augst 2, and 9, 2021 10:00 AM …

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  • New Moon Soul Circle

    “The New Moon Circle has become a very significant part of my spiritual practice. I’ve met fellow pilgrims on the path and been enlivened by their energy to be more reflective and creative—to connect to the spirit of wisdom. It is pure grace to be so renewed each month.”  M-PS

  • Enneagram Workshops

    “Who knew that a Zoom gathering could relax my body, expand my thinking and encourage my spirit?! Thanks so much for this year’s Enneagram workshops. Just what I needed. ” MB McCandless

  • Spirit of Sophia Workshops

    “The Spirit of Sophia workshops I’ve been able to attend have enriched my perceptions, knowledge and awareness of topics I often didn’t even know existed. Each time I learn new concepts and I also leave each one with a healthy curiosity to know more. Not only are the workshops so helpful, but connecting with like-minded people can be exhilarating and affirming. Thank you so much! ” PSB

  • “She is my higher self…”

    “When I came to the workshop I had no expectations, I was just coming with a friend who loves Penny’s work. I’ll admit that when I left the workshop with the piece unfinished, I felt disappointed. But I was wrong to feel that way. Spending time with her, adding bit by bit, she became a reflection of who I am when I am at my very best. She is my higher self, viewing the world through eyes of love, without judgement. She reminds me that there is wisdom and power and magic within me, and that each choice I make builds the web of my life. A web that connects me to everyone and everything else. Weaving that web from a place of love is essential to my happiness.  Bless Penny Sisto, and Spirit of Sophia, for this amazing journey.”  Wendy    This is Wendy’s testimony to Spirit of Sophia after her attendance to our workshop in April: Creating Fabric Art with Penny Sisto.  The artwork you see is her finished piece of art from the workshop.

  • Dr. Christine Page workshop

    “Although it has been several weeks since attending the Christine Page, MD workshop, I am still in awe and wonderment of what she discussed. Her explanation of the Triple Goddess as Virgin, Mother, and Crone and a woman’s cyclical experience of this concept offers me much to contemplate! I expect to be considering what I learned for many more months. Thank you ‘Spirit of Sophia’ for helping me become a more fulfilled woman!” LJS

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