About Spirit of Sophia

About Spirit of Sophia

Women will be empowered spiritually, therefore bringing strength and wisdom to their families and communities, resulting in a more compassionate world.

To provide spiritual experiences that will help women to look deep within their authentic selves. To provide sacred space for women as they connect and share their wisdom with one another. To help empower women as they rediscover their true voices.

Voices of empowered, compassionate women can make a big impact on the healing and care of our world.

Events coming up

ongoing events, circles, workshops and retreats

Sophia’s Circle

We recognize the need for women involved in Spirit of Sophia to have the opportunity to reconnect monthly – apart …

Women’s Rites of Passage

Spirit of Sophia is excited to host a Women’s Rites of Passage Circle October 23-27, 2019 at Nazareth Retreat Center …

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  • Veteran Scholarships

    “Dana, Thank you again for sponsoring female veterans.  I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Bolen and am very grateful for the opportunity.”  Thanks Renee

  • Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D. event

    “Dana, congratulations on an incredibly successful event.  It was obvious that women walked out of TJ yesterday – actually they floated out on a natural high of hope.”  Kim Greene

  • Holiday Circle

    “Thank you so very much for sharing your circle with me. It was an extraordinary experience. I have presented Isha Kriya multiple times and yet not felt the group intensity as I did with the Spirit of Sophia Circle.  I appreciate the opportunity and blessing.”    Joyce
  • Art Journaling

    “Hi Dana!  I don’t know if you remember me.  I attended your art journaling retreat out in Oldham Co.  I want to say how grateful I am for you and Spirit of Sophia.   That retreat really propelled healing in me that started a new beginning in my life.  Thank you and Blessings!”  Mary Margaret Sutherland

  • Sophia’s Circle

    “Dana, Thank you for introducing me to the author Joyce Rupp and creating Sacred Space for a circle of women to share their inspired wisdom…”    Hester

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