Art Journaling/Visioning for Women in Transition

A 2-Part Workshop with Artist, April Martin
Presented by Spirit of Sophia/ Funded by Kentucky Foundation for Women

Part II of this workshop : Vision Boards – is rescheduled as a “virtual” event for July 18th. Registration is closed. Those who were signed up for the original program have been notified.

A major transition in one’s life can be a time of fear and stress, and the creative act of art journaling can be very healing. It can also be a time of excitement and anticipation, and expressing it artistically in a journal can assist in discovering the path of one’s soul.  Visioning our future, expressing it artistically on a vision board and holding it before us, can help us find our path as well as move into it. This workshop is being offered to women of all generations (age 18 and older) who are going through or about to experience transition in their lives.

During this educational and fun workshop, April will integrate the tool of art journaling with vision boards to help you see the power of your future. You will have the opportunity to vision your path, express it artistically (with or without words), as you learn these tools. You will go home with the beginning of your own art journal and a vision board to hold before you in the transition period ahead. Melanie-Prejean Sullivan, D.Min, will share with us at the end of the first session some information on discernment as we prepare for our vision board session the following week.

The Workshop is funded by an Art Meets Activism Grant awarded to Spirit of Sophia by Kentucky Foundation for Women.

Artist, April Martin

April Martin has operated as a freelance artist in Kentucky for the past ten years operating under the name Amagination Studios.  April provides a variety of expressive, inspired creative services, tailored to each client. She  values individuality and understands that each client’s creative learning style will be different, making her passionate about getting to know each person creating the best experience imaginable for her clients.

April went to the Academy of Art University In San Francisco and received her BFA in Photography.  She has been doing art since early childhood.  April served in the Air Force 1996-2003 as an airplane mechanic.  Her service for our country affected her life’s mission in many profound ways. 

April has worked with people of all ages offering a variety of artistic workshops.  These have included art journaling for children, mentally disabled, and the elderly.   She has a strong belief in the healing of art.  April loves to write and offers imaginative writing workshops.  She helps children create and develop stories full with illustrations. It is imperative to April to create a fun, safe, nurturing environment where process, exploration, curiosity and imagination are cultivated and encouraged.