A Letter from the Founder

Dana Sue Walker, M.Div.
Founder and Director


I like to think of Sophia as a star in my heart, one whose light guides me and consoles me in my inner darkness, drawing me to a bondedness with a greater truth than I presently know or understand.” -Joyce Rupp, The Star In My Heart  Chapter  1, Page 2.

Dear Seekers:

Eight years ago I began hosting a women’s spirituality group in my home.  This was one of the first books we studied, and my first introduction to Sophia as a personification of Wisdom.  Something awakened in me, and I knew I wanted to learn more about Sophia – I knew I wanted and needed her in my heart.

As my awakening, study, and journey continue, I have felt compelled to connect with other women on their spiritual paths.  I believe our inner work is done on our own –and in community.  I believe we are empowered by the wisdom and courage of other women.  I believe spiritual experiences and sacred spaces can often be the nourishment we need for growth to happen.

After many conversations and visits with enlightened women of wisdom, my belief of the need for women to connect on their spiritual paths was confirmed.  Spirit of Sophia incorporated as a non-profit in June of 2015, and received her 501 (c) (3) in December of 2015.   Our first retreat series consisted of four day retreats titled “Finding Our Voice”, which were partially funded by a grant received from the Kentucky Foundation for Women.

Spirit of Sophia creates “sacred space” for “spiritual experiences and artistic expression” at selected locations.  One woman described our events as a “movable feast.”  You are invited to be a part of this exploration – this “evolving” of Spirit of Sophia – this “movable feast”!

Please join us – and please email me at dana@spiritofsophia.org with any ideas you have for programming or ways to get the word out to all women of all faiths about our mission!


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