A Letter from the Founder

Dana Sue Walker, M.Div.
Founder and Director

I like to think of Sophia as a star in my heart, one whose light guides me and consoles me in my inner darkness, drawing me to a bondedness with a greater truth than I presently know or understand.” -Joyce Rupp, The Star In My Heart  Chapter  1, Page 2.

Dear Seekers:

Five years ago – in June of 2015 –  I founded Spirit of Sophia.  As we begin this summer celebrating these past five years, the work we have accomplished, and the anticipation of the next five years – I realize I haven’t updated this letter in five years.

Our work began with a series of four ‘day-retreats’ titled “Finding Your Voice”.  Our first one was held in the sacred space, Valaterra, at a cost barely covering the lunch and the rental – just hoping women would sign up.  We soon found that women are thirsting for opportunities to learn and explore their spirituality and to share their wisdom with one another.  The reason I haven’t “updated” my letter to you in five years is because the time has flown as we evolve as an organization, offer new programs, bring to you internationally known women spirituality writers, and adapt our programs to your needs – and even the need to go “virtual” due to our current pandemic.

We hope you will join us for a program and see if the sacred space and spiritual experiences we provide are something you are looking for in your life. Spirit of Sophia is inclusive of all women.  We want to learn and grow from each other’s spiritual experiences.  We believe the safe, sacred space of women in circle is key to their growth and rediscovering their true voices.

We have been described as a “movable feast”.  Our “sacred space” may be at a beautiful retreat center, a  welcoming lounge of a local faith community, or in a Zoom meeting room.  Wherever it is we gather, we gather as women seekers yearning to look deep within our souls – to find our voices – to speak our voices.  We hope you consider joining us!

Dana Sue Walker, Executive Director

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