Facilitator Statements

Rabbi Sarah Tasman

As the daughter of a Psychiatrist and an artist, my parents encouraged my creative and spiritual path from a young age but let me take my own journey. I have always felt the healing power of creative expression and came to see it as a spiritual practice as I felt a sense of spiritual calm excitement and connection come over me when journaling, making a collage or painting. It wasn’t about how it looked or if the work was beautiful – it was about the process of letting myself express myself. Each of us has this divine spark of creativity within us but we do not always have the opportunities or resources to access it. In Judaism, we have many names for this – one’s neshama or soul, one’s ruach or spirit or one’s nefesh or being. Or my favorite: one’s chochmat lev, or wisdom of the heart.  Chochmat lev is also seen as one’s unique creative skills and talents which is a concept that resonates deeply. As a rabbi, spiritual guide and teacher my passion and mission is to provide opportunities for others, and especially women, to connect deeply with their chochmat lev, to connect with themselves and at the same time something bigger. My goal is to create the space to simply breath, reflect, and create — and yes, to discover and nurture their divine spark. Through the practices of living in alignment with the cycles and seasons of the year, creating rituals to mark life transitions, and in expressing ourselves creatively we can start to feel more grounded and integrated in our lives, families and communities.   I am truly grateful that Spirit of Sophia exists as a space for women of all faith backgrounds to gather for creative, transformative and meaningful learning. I am honored to be one of the teachers of Spirit of Sophia. 

Dorothy Hatic

I have used the Enneagram for over ten years now as a way of connecting to my true self in God, and, therefore, as a means of traveling my spiritual path to a more plentiful and more meaningful life. By understanding my true essence and how it can manifest itself in my life if I make room and allow for that, I am more able to live in my God-given gifts more fully. My work with the enneagram has allowed me to teach and facilitate small groups to better map their own true identities and to join in community in a way that fosters love and spiritual belonging. 

Marcy Allman

My spiritual journey merged with awakening feminism in my late twenties. Almost 50 years later, I continue to value opportunities to meet with other women who are seeking to broaden their perspectives and deepen their spiritual awareness. Spirit of Sophia provides a forum for women on myriad paths to come together to share the wisdom they have cultivated through life’s many gifts and challenges.

I was first attracted to Spirit of Sophia through the programs featuring outstanding speakers in a format that also encouraged dialogue among the participants. In each encounter I have felt a sense of safety and mutual respect. Most recently I have been enjoying a deeper exploration of The Enneagram, a path I have been following for over thirty years. It is always fun to see who shows up and what gifts and insights they each bring. 

We can best show our appreciation of this rare gem by providing ongoing support to keep women’s wisdom flowing among us.

Dr. Melanie-Prejean Sullivan

Spirit of Sophia reminds us that for millennia personified wisdom has been feminine.  Her circles invite us to hear that gentle, sacred feminine voice and to come to know ourselves as beloved, treasured parts of creation.  Consider this little quote your personal invitation to join us.