Healing Through Our Dreams


“Healing Through Our Dreams”  by Kim Greene

Our world is filled with uncertainty and chaos these days. And that chaos is reflected in our dreams. But DreamTending teaches that, while chaos can create havoc, it can also give rise to creativity and embolden positive change. Attention to our dreams can make a difference.

Our dreams are alive within us all the time. If you’ve ever wakened from a nightmare sweaty, with heart pounding, you have a sense of  that. But it is true for all dreams – they are alive in us. And we know that they come from that place deep within us that’s connected to something greater than us alone. These fascinating nocturnal dramas – pleasant adventures and nightmares alike – come for our well being. Hidden in the drama and chaos of our dreams is some information of use to us: a kernel of wisdom or healing.

How to find that nugget? Dreams are not like Dear Abby, laying out advice in plain English, “do this and then do that.” No, they are disorganized, nonlinear and often nonsensical. Using our thinking minds to analyze or to make logical sense doesn’t get us far. With DreamTending we can open to our dreams and the messages they bring by communicating with them  in their language – images and metaphors.

A DreamTender will guide you to a  relaxing and quasi-meditative state and to invite you to imagine your dream is happening right now. Then, by patiently and mindfully noticing the images and what they are doing now, you can interact with them so their message can unfold for you. As a DreamTender I have seen this process lead to many “a ha!” moments, tears of release, and newfound clarity about nagging, important life decisions.

For example, one man dreamed of following an aggressive donkey into a cave and confronting an older, meaner donkey while a young boy and his mother cowered nearby.  Noticing the qualities of each dream figure and following their movements in imaginal time evoked the dreamer’s long term battle with alcoholism and weight gain. With questions and gentle suggestions, the DreamTender tended those images and the landscape of the dream. In the process, the man discovered  imaginal companions who embodied qualities crucial to the man’s progress on the arduous journey toward health. And today, from practicing the daily rituals suggested by the dream, the dreamer has lost weight and feels resolute about sobriety.

A woman dreamed of visiting her elementary school and finding it barren and unimaginative, except for one curved hallway. Tending the building as if it were asking something of the dreamer lead her to imagine creative and easily implemented designs for making the school a place to inspire children’s joy of effortless learning. She communicated those ideas to leaders at the school.

The next time a dream offers you an image that really piques your emotional attention, imagine it in the room and get curious. Notice how you greet it. What is it asking of you? What will you do today to honor its request? Or contact me at kim.greene1@me.com to learn more about DreamTending.

“There is nothing like a dream to create the future.” Victor Hugo

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“After teaching primary grades in New York City’s Spanish Harlem and practicing law in Louisville for 25 years, my passion turned inward to dreams.  In fact, it was my dreams that emboldened me to leave the law to pursue that passion.  I have studied Dream Tending, an interactive and embodied method of approaching our dreams, at Pacifica Graduate Institute for 12 years and this year am participating in an advanced intensive Dream Tending course there.  I see private clients and make presentations to groups and organizations about the value of attention to our dreams.”

–Kim Greene