Life in Full Color: The adventure of life lived consciously and alive

A Day Retreat for Women with Jan Pfeifer, facilitator

Date: Saturday, October 26th, 2024

Place: Columba Room, Nazareth Retreat Center, Bardstown, KY

When we live in congruence with our truest selves, connected to our deepest being, our life force energy is abundant and flows freely. We feel awake and alive no matter the circumstances of our lives. Join us for this one-day retreat as we invite a dynamic engagement with our life force energy and the vital guidance that is found there.

We’ll explore the radiance of presence and its many faceted gifts, making the power of consciousness real and solid in our experience. Through creative play and making, ritual and imaginative contemplation, we’ll gather tools that prepare us to embark on an adventure to live our lives consciously and in full color.

SAVE THE DATE! Registration will begin in July! Plan to join us for this creative experience with Jan. Maximum participants: 18

Jan Pfeifer

Jan creates and facilitates opportunities for people to connect more deeply with themselves, each other and  the world. She explores the relationship between living a life congruent with our truest selves and the effect it  has in community and in nature. While she draws from a broad spectrum of trainings and facilitation experience ( Matrixworks, The Art of Creativity, Coming Back to Life, Art of Hosting, Family Constellations, Kripalu Outdoor Mindfulness Guide, Permaculture Design and more) her work is most informed by her own journey to trust life and to experience it consciously.