Paula D’Arcy

Sacred Thresholds…with Paula D’Arcy

Sacred Thresholds: Life is change, yet our hearts remain determined to find guarantees and security.  How do we stop resisting life, and instead begin listening to the deeper questions life presents?  In this morning gathering we’ll explore what it means to show up fully in life, respecting those whose lives touch ours. Living with this kind of attention, we begin to live more honestly, facing the life and death questions, the love and forgiveness questions. Which threshold are you being invited to cross right now?  “At key times in my life I needed the spaces in between my actions to enlarge.  I needed pauses.  My ear had to be bent to a different ground.” ( Paula D’Arcy)

This event is rescheduled for Saturday, June 27th – and will be held “virtually” via Zoom.

We are very pleased that Paula will be with us June 27th to present this timely and soulful topic – Sacred Thresholds. Although we would love to be with her in person, the risks involved in travel, large group gatherings, and uncertainties ahead, led us to the decision to ask Paula to present the program via Zoom. We look forward to this experience of sacred time with Paula and a group of women discerning the sacred thresholds in their lives.

9:30 AM TO 12:00 PM


Paula D’Arcy is a writer, playwright, international retreat leader and conference and seminar speaker. In 2001 she established Red Bird Foundation, which supports the growth and spiritual development of those in need throughout the world, including men and women in prison.  The foundation has sponsored two international gatherings of women known as WOMENSPEAK, conferences which honor the woman’s voice as a force of peace and healing for the world.  A former psychotherapist, Paula survived the loss of her husband and young daughter in an accident in 1975. She was three months pregnant at the time. Among her best-selling books are Gift of the Red Bird, Waking Up to This Day, Sacred Threshold: Crossing the Inner Barrier to a Deeper Love, and The Divine Spark.


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