Photos…Creating Fabric Art with Penny Sisto

Creating Fabric Art with Penny Sisto at Hopscotch House
-April 13, 2019

Days don’t get much better than this! We had a fabulous time with Penny – and created beautiful pieces of art with her guidance!
We all had no idea we could create such unique fabric art at the beginning of the workshop! Thank you Penny Sisto for your loving guidance, patience, and gift of spirit!
And thank you Hopscotch House (Kentucky Foundation for Women) for allowing us to use this perfect space for our workshop! It was during a visit to Hopscotch House that I became aware of the magnificent work of Penny Sisto. The above quilt is one of Penny’s that has hung on the wall at HH for many years! Penny’s and other talented women artists’ work adorns the walls of this most sacred feminine space.