Enneagram Part II

Deepening Our Understanding of Self and Others

A 2-part Virtual Workshop for Women

with Halida Hatic and Dorothy Hatic

Saturdays, December 5th and 12th

9:00 am to 12:00 pm EST

In Part II of the Enneagram, taught by mother and daughter team, Dorothy and Halida Hatic, we shall continue the exploration of type and how it manifests itself in our daily lives. We will revisit the Divine Spark of each of the nine types and take a deeper dive into the nine motivations that arose as a result of the childhood messages we received. We will have more time for individual breakouts in order to peel back the layers that form our personalities.

We will also take a look at the Hornevian and and Harmonic Triads of the Enneagram. Breakout groups will allow us to find our territory and to identify where we get stuck and what are the traps and escapes for each type.

Finally, we will delve into the Levels of Development as outlined by Riso and Hudson, with a somewhat broad overview, allowing us to explore and understand the differences between expansion and presence and contraction and denial. We will explore the alarm systems of each type and use breakout rooms to discuss how these levels show up and inform us every moment of every day.

Any questions, email dana@spiritofsophia.org. Being present at our first workshop in May is not a prerequisite to take this class.

Cost: $80 (for 6 hour course)

Registration is a two-part process. Pay by clicking the button below – and complete registration by filling out the Registration Form below. If mailing a check, email dana@spiritofsophia.org to reserve your spot. Mail to: Spirit of Sophia, P. O. Box 18, Harrods Creek, KY 40027.

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Halida Hatic

Halida is an energetic type Eight whose passion, commitment, and love shows up in everything that she does. She is working to create a world where everyone belongs and everyone knows that they belong by cultivating compassionate community and nurturing the deep interconnections of all living things. Halida is and always has been a community weaver. She now officially wears that title in her work connecting people to the mission, vision, and values of Enneagram Prison Project (EPP), a Bay Area nonprofit dedicated to the self-awareness education of the incarcerated. Prior to joining the team at EPP, Halida worked for six years at the Center for Interfaith Relations in Louisville, Kentucky, and for more than a decade in the environmental sustainability field at both the state and federal level. She studied the Enneagram at
the School of Conscious Living in Cincinnati, Ohio, completing her certification in Halida lives in Louisville with her partner, two children, and sweet dog, where they spend their time enjoying their community and exploring the trails and open spaces in and around the city.

Dorothy Hatic

Dorothy is a peaceful type nine who has been involved with the Enneagram tool for more than ten years. She was first introduced to it at her work where she was a human resources specialist for a national company in the food industry. She is a Certified Enneagram Teacher and is certified consultant in the Barrett Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT). She is now retired and enjoys her children, grandchildren, and many friends. She is writing a book about her late husband’s family and their immigration to the United States. In addition, she and five partners formed a company, Conscious Dimensions, which owns a patent for their intellectual materials, utilizing their work with personality types and levels of consciousness. Aside from her work with Conscious Dimensions, Dorothy uses the Enneagram as a huge part of her spiritual path.