Board of Directors

Dana Sue Walker – Board President/Founder of Spirit of Sophia

It was pure joy to see my vision on paper become reality in June of 2015.  It is continued joy to see Spirit of Sophia grow and evolve and to meet so many fascinating, caring, deep seekers along the way. My business experience both in the for and non-profit sectors, along with my theological studies background, helped pave the  path that led to Spirit of Sophia. 

Sr. Loretta Spotila – Board Vice President

I’m pleased to partner with Dana as a Board member and early supporter of her Spirit of Sophia ministry. In 1997 I developed a ministry in Eastern Kentucky to bring faith and healing to Appalachia. Through a variety of experiences and programs, Dana and I share a commitment to promote healthy and faith-filled living for women and families. I look forward to seeing Spirit of Sophia continue to enhance the lives of others!

Mary Sutherland, Board Treasurer

I love learning whether at home or via travel. Essentials of my learning journey include planning, meditation, mixed media art, yoga and very recently, herbalism.  I worked in upper management in the insurance industry for 30 years, 15 of those as VP until leaving the workforce in 2015 to concentrate on my health. Spirit of Sophia has played a special role in my ongoing spiritual journey and I am devoted to its mission.

Paula Miller, Board Secretary

I am delighted and honored to be joining the Board of Spirit of Sophia in 2023.  I witnessed the beginning of this wonderful organization and was so impressed with Dana and the leadership invested in creating a platform for women seekers. I am a retired middle school teacher, having retired in 2002.  I have been involved in organizations that promote equality, fairness, and civ