Photo from In the Spirit of Clay workshop

Testimonials from Into a Sanctuary of Women with Jan Richardson – February 10, 2024

“It was the most amazing presentation by Spirit of Sophia. I can’t wait to listen in again. It just filled up all the little cracks in my heart. I couldn’t believe we were actually having a conversation with Jan Richardson. She was so down to earth and humble. The questions presented to her were so meaningful. Your words were so true to heart .Again thank you for bringing Jan to us.” MW

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for the work you are doing and for hosting this conversation with Jan. I’m especially grateful for all the people who make it possible to join for those of us with limited financial resources. May God richly bless you and your ministry.” Kelly

Lovely retreat.  So glad to be introduced to Jan and see so many participants.  Thanks for all the planning. I have lots to mull over. Peace, AM

What a fabulous conversation Saturday!  LW

The time with Jan Richardson was a delight. Thank you for ALL your work on this on behalf of us. PM

Testimonial from a fellow seeker

Having read through your website, I am stirring with quiet excitement for opportunities to connect with and learn from women who are also spiritual seekers, accompaniers, and guides, who are also committed to their own spiritual development and that of our world. I look forward to the first of many experiences with this group of wise women!AJI

Testimonials from “A Burning Love” with Paula D’Arcy – January 21, 2023

“Thank you very much, Dana, for not only offering this time with Paula but also asking her to reflect on and base her presentation on her book The Divine Spark. VERY moving. VERY impactful. Extremely helpful.”  RR

“What a gift. Loved hearing Paula’s journey living the divine spark.  Pure gift to my heart and soul.” TS

“I really appreciated Paula’s message yesterday.  It was/is very relevant to my stage in life right now and found her words/stories/poems very helpful. Keep up the good work.” J
Testimonial from “Making of an Old Soul Women’s Virtual Retreat with Dr. Carol Orsborn  – December 3, 2022

When asked on an evaluation ‘What did you like most about your experience of this retreat?”  here is a participant’s response (permission given to share).

The conversation and sense of connection both in the whole group and the 3 lovely short, focused 1-1 breakouts.  Being with that cohort.  The retreat drew such a mature and authentic, well-spoken group of women.  The soul-nourishing sharing.  I didn’t know a zoom event could be so satisfying.  Carol’s pacing, instructively humble and true presentation with just the right amounts of background, specific points and synthesis.”  

Testimonial from Sophia’s Circle:  “Cassandra Speaks”   August 2021 Virtual Study

“What a gift and blessing to have been part of this book group on Cassandra Speaks! I truly loved our discussions each week and want to send you much heartfelt appreciation for organizing all of it, planning out each week in a meaningful and thoughtful way, and asking Elizabeth Lesser to come speak at the end! What a treat to meet her this evening, and what a great role model she is for all of us as women.    …the work you are doing is having a big impact!”  Karen

Testimonial from “A Service of Loss and Hope” held in-person on August 22, 2021

“Just wanted to tell you how wonderful the remembrance was today..it’s been over a year since I lost my husband but as I’m learning, grief is a journey with no defined end really. With our crazy hectic lives all our hearts want to just do is just stop and listen and reflect and grieve for  awhile..that’s what today was..a true gift to our hearts. Thank you.”  Jane R.

Testimonial from “Contemplation on the Mystical Path of the Feminine” with Dr. Beverly Lanzetta
“You provided such an amazing program with Dr. Beverly Lanzetta. I had a smile on my face during the entire presentation because everything she said affirmed, and put language to what I’ve been experiencing the last 5 – 6 years!! It’s really hard to explain to someone else, the power of transformation and spiritual communication, so most of my experiences I’ve had to keep to myself. And we are each on such unique journeys. But, it was so empowering to listen to her words. I’ve already ordered one of her books.  Thanks for the marvelous options and offerings you have created through Spirit of Sophia!!!!”   Jean Gordon
Testimonial of Spirit of Sophia Workshops

“The Spirit of Sophia workshops I’ve been able to attend have enriched my perceptions, knowledge and awareness of topics I often didn’t even know existed. Each time I learn new concepts and I also leave each one with a healthy curiosity to know more. Not only are the workshops so helpful, but connecting with like-minded people can be exhilarating and affirming. Thank you so much! ” PSB

Testimonials from Enneagram Part II Workshop 

“Enneagram has been an essential part of my spiritual journey for about thirty years, yet each time I explore its depth and breadth with others, I learn and grow and discover new insights. Enneagram is a dynamic pathway, enriched greatly by companions such as those I encounter through Spirit of Sophia.”  Marcy Allman

“Who knew that a Zoom gathering could relax my body, expand my thinking and encourage my spirit?! Thanks so much for this year’s Enneagram workshops. Just what I needed.” MB McCandless

Testimonial from New Moon Soul Circle

“The New Moon Circle has become a very significant part of my spiritual practice. I’ve met fellow pilgrims on the path and been enlivened by their energy to be more reflective and creative—to connect to the spirit of wisdom. It is pure grace to be so renewed each month.”  M-PS

Testimonials from Exploring the Sacred Wild retreat

“This was an amazing Spirit of Sophia experience with a truly gifted presenter.  I recommend Mary to any who seek to be more closely connected to the spirituality of our world – our earth and all of her blessed creatures.  Thank you, Spirit of Sophia for bringing this to us.”  Melanie

“Again, SOS hit another home run.  I treasure the connections I have made with Spirit, and other women who are on the journey of becoming their true selves.”  Andria

“This is wonderful, Dana.  Thanks!  And I really enjoyed Mary’s knowledge and how she shared it with us.  This was a great choice to offer that well exceeded my expectations! I was glad that this retreat was interactive as it was.  It made the whole experience more memorable.”  Bonnie Zaman

“Thank you so much for hosting this retreat. The Zoom option offered an opportunity for me to both discover and engage with Spirit of Sophia!  Thank you for all the effort and grace it takes to pivot something like this and for the genuine meaning and connection you’ve fostered.”  Brittany D.

“Thanks Dana!! It was a lovely weekend.  Mary was quite the find 🙂 you are bringing lots of great people into your life, and others.” Terri

Testimonial from Spaciousness of Trust workshop

“The Spaciousness of Trust workshop has been very inspiring and empowering. Following the program, the synchronicities of receiving articles, blogs, insights, and a new book about trust has been amazing. It’s obviously something the universe is telling me I need help with. The really special thing to me is that I am realizing that in all the work I’ve been doing to learn to trust Goddess, I have very little trust in myself and my own authenticity. I relied more on other people’s words and observations and writings to tell me how to be me. And it is so exciting to know that I have all the answers inside of me about how to be ME. So, I am celebrating my uniqueness and finding peace with who I am. Thank you, Jan, for your presentation and sharing your journey with us.”  Jean

Testimonial from Creating Fabric Art with Penny Sisto
“When I came to the workshop I had no expectations, I was just coming with a friend who loves Penny’s work. I’ll admit that when I left the workshop with the piece unfinished, I felt disappointed. But I was wrong to feel that way. Spending time with her, adding bit by bit, she became a reflection of who I am when I am at my very best. She is my higher self, viewing the world through eyes of love, without judgement. She reminds me that there is wisdom and power and magic within me, and that each choice I make builds the web of my life. A web that connects me to everyone and everything else. Weaving that web from a place of love is essential to my happiness.  Bless Penny Sisto, and Spirit of Sophia, for this amazing journey.”  Wendy
Testimonials from women participants at the Dr. Christine Page event March 22-23, 2019

“Being with Christine Page for a workshop is the most precious time. Her teachings are filled with so much richness. Her meditations introduce such profound healing. I felt so held as I was gaining deep feline allies. She leaves me with a precious gift of expansion! Her knowledge and teaching of cycles and rhythm is life changing. She shares deep feminine truths that resonate in me. Thank you!” A

“I appreciate how the Spirit of Sophia is actively supporting us to gather in the warm remembrance and reconnection with the eternal feminine intelligence of our Earth and bodies, to help us tend and befriend balance and wholeness in our lives and our world.” M.W.

“Highly appreciate that Spirit of Sophia gives women in Louisville a chance to discuss women’s spiritual growth issues.” Debbie

“The programs of Spirit of Sophia have been a lifeline for me. Before Spirit of Sophia, I had been looking for community. Being around women who are all different yet have a common bond of being on a spiritual path has brought me great joy. Just being in my own joy helps the world become a better place.” Andria Creighton

“Spirit of Sophia speakers always bring insights I had not previously considered. I appreciate the atmosphere of learning with fellow seeking women.” Melanie

“I have attended several Spirit of Sophia workshops and have lasting personal growth as a result. Not only are the leaders/speakers dynamic but, at each one, I have met other women who spark a spiritual connection and it’s terrific to see them again and to meet more new people at each event. I’ve gone independently to each one, yet always felt a part of a larger group.”

“With her wisdom, energy, sense of humor and playfulness, Dr. Christine Page really was an inspiration and an embodiment of the Goddess to me.” Jean

“Every Spirit of Sophia program I’ve attended has given me new personal insights, information I did not have before I came, and a circle of supportive people on their own personal quests.” BGC

“I loved Christine’s personality. So dynamic and straight forward. The content is very important to me in the Sageing stage of my life.  Mary Helen

“I was able to go deeper into my spiritual self to discover some unknowns and to reveal areas I need to explore further.”  Paula

 “At each Spirit of Sophia event I attend, I encounter timely topics, excellent speakers, a fascinating array of women on their soul-searching journeys, and invaluable insights into myself.  To counter the obvious and subtle affects of thousands of years of patriarchy, I believe it is essential to deepen our own sense of feminine wisdom within body, mind and spirit; to illuminate and strengthen the precious connections among us; and to provide opportunities for inter-generational conversations about the massive social shifts of this era.  With enhanced intuition and understanding we can indeed “be part of the change we wish to see in the world.”  Marcy

“Although it has been several weeks since attending the Christine Page, MD workshop, I am still in awe and wonderment of what she discussed. Her explanation of the Triple Goddess as Virgin, Mother, and Crone and a woman’s cyclical experience of this concept offers me much to contemplate! I expect to be considering what I learned for many more months. Thank you ‘Spirit of Sophia’ for helping me become a more fulfilled woman!” LJS

Comments from women participating in 2018 programs:
Dear Dana Sue:
“Thank you so very much for sharing your circle with me. It was an extraordinary experience. I have presented Isha Kriya multiple times and yet not felt the group intensity as I did with the Spirit of Sophia Circle.  I appreciate the opportunity and blessing.”    Joyce

“Dana, Thank you for introducing me to the author Joyce Rupp and creating Sacred Space for a circle of women to share their inspired wisdom…”    Hester

“Hi Dana!  I don’t know if you remember me.  I attended your art journaling retreat out in Oldham Co.  I want to say how grateful I am for you and Spirit of Sophia.   That retreat really propelled healing in me that started a new beginning in my life.  Thank you and Blessings!”  Mary Margaret Sutherland

Comments received after the Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D. event March 23-24, 2018:

“Dana, congratulations on an incredibly successful event.  It was obvious that women walked out of TJ yesterday – actually they floated out on a natural high of hope.”  Kim Greene

“Dana, Thank you again for sponsoring female veterans.  I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Bolen and am very grateful for the opportunity.”  Thanks Renee

“Dear Dana Sue, Wow!  What an incredibly moving experience.  Thank you for all that you did to facilitate Jean coming to Louisville, I feel so privileged to have been able to share the beauty of sisterhood along with Jean’s wisdom.  A fabulous combination!”  Warmest regards, Julie

The following is a testimonial by a woman veteran who has attended several Spirit of Sophia programs on scholarship due to the generosity of the Kentucky Veterans Program Trust Fund:

“My name is Christina Baker and I am a mother, wife, and female combat veteran who suffers from severe anxiety, PTSD and survivor of a military sexual assault. I have great health and mental care within the VA system along with awesome programs but I have also participated in organizations outside of the VA. One of those programs is Spirit Of Sophia. The following is Spirit Of Sophia’s vision & mission statement are as follows: “Women will be empowered spiritually, therefore bringing strength and wisdom to their families and communities, resulting in a more compassionate world.” “To provide spiritual experiences that will help women to look deep within their authentic selves. To provide sacred space for women as they connect and share their wisdom with one another.  To help empower women as they rediscover their true voice.” In the last year I have been fortunate to have been given a scholarship to two events. The first was a retreat with Paula D’Arcy and the second a summer long book study circle. I have benefited greatly by both of these in my journey of healing from the inside out. Both of my mental health providers had knowledge and supported my participation as well as including it as part of my healing program. Programs within the VA are great but its also great to be able to connect with other programs and women in my community because it is another support system and gives me more tools for the healthy path ahead of me. Another great reason about attending is that people in the community can get to know female veterans, what we have experienced, places we have gone, our point of view as well as hear our individual stories. It can give them a better understanding of our veteran community. By receiving scholarships from Spirit Of Sophia, it encourages me to continue on my path without having to stress out about money for childcare while Im attending, fuel for transportation, etc. I hope that I will continue to benefit from scholarships so that I can continue on my journey with this great organization.”  Christina – November 12, 2017

This was from a participant at our Art Journaling/Vision Boarding for Young Women in Transition workshop:

“Dana,  I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience I had on Saturday.  It was so meaningful and the spirit of gathering was such a strong force throughout the day.  It really was a beautiful experience and I thank you for making the day possible for us.”   Mary Margaret Sutherland,   May 22, 2017

 This is a response to our follow-up questions for the participants of the Art Journaling/Vision Boarding for Women in Retirement:

“The workshop and making the vision board have had an immediate positive affect on my life.  I created my board based on my visualization during the guided meditation. I have been bogged down with what ifs and regrets about what I’ve done with my life.   The board changes that every time I see it!”

“And, lastly, a major part of the success of the workshop was that we women were all at the same stage in life.  It was a unique group.  Most of my friends are younger by 10-15 years — they were my teaching colleagues.  Being with women who share my struggles with growing older made a profound difference in the experience.  I loved it.  Extremely relevant to me!  Thank you!” Jenifer D., November, 2016

In reference to the  “Finding Our Voice…In Transition” retreat, this is what Janis Kirstein wrote when “sharing” the Facebook Event:   “I wouldn’t miss this event with Johanna and Laura for the world. They are the greatest and their workshop will lift your spirits to unbelievable heights! This is my 6th tip for feeling better!”  Thanks, Jan!  April, 2016

“Hi Dana,  This is April Martin ( the art journaling lady) I wanted to stop by and say thank you for yesterday. I had an amazing time. I think that what your are doing is great. I want you to keep it up and don’t be scared or afraid to make the choices that you feel are right with the direction you need to go with it. Remember, always stay true to your vision.”   April    12-6-15

These are comments from women after the first retreats held by Spirit of Sophia in 2015:

“Hello Dana,  You created a wonderful niche for women. I love your authenticity.”   Sheila Yule      12-6-15

“Dana, Thanks so much for the wonderful day at Valetera. The music, food and company were perfect. And thanks so much for the door prize. I can’t wait to get my sacral cranial “fix”from Pam. I can’t help but feel you are opening the door for so many positive possibilities with the Sophia. I can’t wait for the spring workshops coming up. Thanks again! Blessings,”  Jan Kirstein  11-8-15

“I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed coming to your first retreat.  You can count me in on the next one.  Thank you for opening my eyes to something new!  I am so glad I did not miss it.”  Cindy Neely 9-20-15

“Dana – it was a wonderful day on retreat.  Thank you for your vision and making it happen!”  Karen Hensel  9-20-15