The Spaciousness of Trust

Saturday, July 20th at Valaterra

A workshop facilitated by Jan Allen Pfeifer

The world today needs every gift we have to offer, but often we hold back due to fears lurking in the shadows of what we deeply know to be true about ourselves. As we learn to trust ourselves and our own lives, we arrive at the threshold of expanded possibility and surprise. In this one day experiential workshop, you will learn practical tools for embarking on your path to living in and from that trust, as you:

Are nourished, guided and ignited by an encounter with your own heartfelt longings

Creatively explore what it takes to move through the constriction of your fears into the spaciousness of trust and discover the expanded sense of possibility and surprise that awaits you there

Create your own curated tool box to guide and empower you on your journey to a place of trust and freedom, enabling you to live your life fully

Jan Pfeifer, our Guide for the day:

Jan creates and facilitates opportunities for people to connect more deeply with themselves, each other and the world. Her work is grounded in an exploration of the relationship between living an authentic life – integrating body, mind and spirit – and the effect it has on the community and world. She has designed retreats and facilitated groups as a consultant with New Possibility Associates. While she draws from a broad spectrum of training, her work is most informed by her own journey to trust herself and her life. She is a writer and architect currently living in Woodstock, New York where she is writing a memoir.

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