Wisdom Speaks in the Evening: The On-Going Gift of Discernment

A Workshop on Discernment with Dr. Melanie-Prejean Sullivan

A Virtual Workshop for Women

This event is over. We thank everyone for their participation!

Wednesday, September 15th at 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm EST

Cost: $30 (Includes Resource Guide)

“Discernment is an intentional attitude for making important decisions in our lives.  It is more than making a choice or a pro-con list; it calls upon the Spirit of God for guidance.  This program will invite us to listen for the ‘still small voice’ of Wisdom in discerning either our next career or how we spend our time in retirement.”

Whether we are discerning full or part-time employment, activism, volunteering or leisure time, Melanie’s years of discernment research will assist us in our listening process.

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About Melanie:

Dr. Melanie-Préjean Sullivan retired in 2018 as Director of Campus Ministry at Bellarmine University.  Previously, she had careers in the museum and archives field and in a private school where she was a teacher and student development counselor.  At present, she teaches, lectures, and serves in various ways as an interspiritual chaplain. 

For her doctoral thesis in ministry, Melanie studied the practical theology of discernment and published a curriculum guide now used by religious communities in the U.S.  During a sabbatical with the Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology in Cambridge, England, she focused on spiritual development and retirement discernment.