In The Spirit of Jazz: Women Create

Nov. 16th 7:30 pm EST A Virtual Event


Jennifer Dunham, Versailles, KY

Jennifer Dunham’s work is unique in that it not only incorporates vintage library card catalog cards in the art itself, but the pen and ink drawings are also based on the book titles and subject matter printed on the cards that form the surface upon which the drawings are created. She uses a love of botanical illustration, vintage photos and patterns to create a unique form of art. All work is professionally mounted and framed.

Brandi Catoire , Prairieville LA (photo above)

Baton Rouge native Brandi Catoire grew up daydreaming all things creative. Always drawing, sculpting, and painting, she never let go of that itch to make something. Self-taught in every area, she has continued creating while working hard, owning businesses, and raising kids. Her creations have been juried into several shows including Art Melt 2009, Art Flow 2019, and Firehouse Gallery’s “Stabbed In The Art”, as well as many group and solo exhibitions. She was hired by Culture Candy to design and create the “living dress” costumes for the opening of Uncommon Thread’s Wearable Art Show “Epilogue” in 2015. In 2019, Brandi was sought out for representation at Contemporain Art Gallery in downtown Baton Rouge. Her paintings are currently on display in many locations including Mesh Advertising agency in Baton Rouge, and Gateway Community College in Kentucky. She a wife, mother/stepmother of six, and co-owns and manages her family business, “Coffee Call” in Baton Rouge, LA.

Ewa Perz, Louisville KY

Ewa Perz was born in (Guh-dinkst) Gdansk, Poland. She received a master’s in biology/plant physiology but found her true passion to be in oil painting. As a mostly self-taught artist, Ewa started painting in Louisville’s own MudPies Studio, before studying with contemporary masters Felo Garcia, David Laffel, Milt Kobayashi. Her paintings are currently on display in Revelry Gallery Boutique, European Splendor, and Galerie Municipale (France). Her paintings have been featured in galleries in Miami, as well as Mexico, and France.

Priya Rama, Cincinnati OH

My art is born from my chronic migraines. When one begins, along with the pain and pressure, colors and shapes flood my mind in fluid poetry. Frequently, I paint through a migraine, but when I can’t, I can recall the imagery at a later time, and commit that to canvas. Often, completing a painting acts as a release, and reminds me that my mind can do more than just process pain: It can transform pain into beauty.

As an abstract expressionist, my paintings highlight a spontaneous, intuitive, and personal mark-making. Color values, form and textural strokes, hallmarks of my work, allow me to build a rhythmic movement, beckoning the eye to travel and linger within the space. My paintings especially explore dualities– of pain/beauty, emphatic color/delicate brush lines, rich details/quiet resting spots, spontaneity/deliberate placement, translucency/opacity, and contemplation/assertion.

A highly visual person, I’ve always been sensitive to color, patterns and textures. My education, art training, and life experiences have only further enhanced these visual traits. Even though I wouldn’t call my paintings portraits, I think that all of my works are self-portraits in a way. My art is part of me and I am part of my art.

Her book is titled: Migraine Artist: Transforming Pain Into Beauty




Priya Rama was interviewed for CBS’ ‘Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley’, which aired on February 16, 2020. She has also been interviewed for print and online publications, as well as radio, and has presented to art therapy groups. Priya’s paintings have featured at various venues, both nationally and internationally, and her paintings can be found in private and corporate collections around the country.

Alyssa Braud, Memphis TN

Alyssa Braud is a native of Baton Rouge, LA and has trained with Cangelosi Dance Project, Dancers’ Workshop, and other studios in Baton Rouge. While dancing throughout the community, she has studied under a variety of teachers across the U.S. including Susan Quinn Williams, Nan Giordano, Debbie Allen, Leslie Scott, and Val Salnikov. Alyssa trained under Brett Garfinkel and Kirstin Riehl at Northwestern State University and graduated from Louisiana State University where she trained under Susan Perlis and Claudio Ribeiro. She has performed in a variety of dance productions by being a part of NSU’s dance company, LSU’s dance ensemble, and performing with Staib Dance in Sant’Agata, Italy in the summer of 2019. Since 2017, Alyssa has been a guest artist and company member with Of Moving Colors Productions. Throughout her years at OMC, she has danced in several productions such as Kick it OutTell Me More, and Music and Movement with Opera Louisiane. She was also given opportunities to teach dance classes and choreograph for the company. Alyssa now lives in Memphis, dancing with Tennessee Ballet Theater and teaching yoga. 

Ardith Goodwin, Mobile AL

“My paintings and writings are my way of taking that courageous spirit, mixing it in with an insane love of color, experience, and story, and creating works of art that inspire others to see the world as intrinsically beautiful no matter their place or station in life. My hope is that through my marks and my practice, my work will resonate with the viewer so that they sense a connection with the way of life in the south, its geographical influence, and the myriad of colors and marks that make being a southern artist magical.

Ardith Goodwin is a full-time artist and owner of Ardithian Arts Studio. Mastery of craft to her is using her technical framework as she creates figurative works and non-objective abstracts in mixed media and acrylics connected to creative narratives. She builds paintings with fractured line, dynamic movement, transparent layers, complexity, and details from rich life experiences on canvas and paper. Ardith also incorporates visual elements of the unexpected from textile and assemblage additions to her 2-D works.

As an artist who teaches, she travels the U.S and abroad conducting art workshops, hosting creative travel journeys, as well as small group academic study for professional artists in her studio in Mobile, Al. She is a passionate advocate for teaching adults that their creative points of view and visual language matter as well as finding joy in the devotion and mastery of fundamentals.


Rheonna Nicole, Louisville KY

Rheonna Nichole  is a slam poet, published writer, spoken word artist from Louisville, Ky.

Her poetry is a direct reflection of everything she embodies as an artist. It is raw, bold, black and unapologetic about its existence. She has an aggressive and rhythmic style of poetry that caters to fat bodies and women/girls of color that has made her stand out in the crowd.  She is a conference speaker and published writer.

In 2016, Rheonna was also ranked 6th woman poet in the country by the Women of the World poetry slam and has gone on to winning and competing in multiple poetry slams here in Louisville and around the country. She has now created her own poetry slams called Lipstick Wars Poetry Slam and Lipgloss Diaries which are all-female spoken word competitions where she offers a grand platform for women, trans women and girl poets all over the nation to speak out against the injustices and victories of womanhood through the art of slam poetry.

Rheonna continues to use her riveting voice as an instrument to break down barriers, uplifting women and girls of color, encouraging those who fall victim to body shaming and to celebrate her black uniqueness through her poetry.

Andrea Dawson

Austin singer/songwriter Andrea Dawson Her ability to sing various styles of music including Blues, Folk, R & B, Jazz and even Rock, caught the attention of songwriter Tom Thompson who needed a vocalist to record ten of his original songs. The result was her debut CD, “Left with the Uptown Blues,” that showcases her multi-faceted range. Dawson then toured throughout Asia, Portugal, and Santiago Chile exciting audiences every time with her incredible performances.

The path from her first paid gig on a rooftop in Dallas to being crowned ‘The Sassy Soulstress of Blues’ is testament to this songstress’ dedication to her craft. Listen to her music at: and

Kri Magesty, Louisville, KY

Kri Magesty A poet, sister, friend, and shapeshifter. She bends to let sounds in and thru, creating new pathways for understanding and compassion thru words and vibration. She’s also saucy, stepping on stones and tippy toes to get the message to the back of the room. She’s a Spiritualist that sometimes has a dirty mouth. She had survived this pandemic by selling willie nelson baked goods and high vibe pet snacks.

Cassaundra “Yo’ Sis” Bingamon

She is Art. Healing. Inspiration. Influence. Empowerment. Advocacy. Entertainment. Change. Love. Justice and laughter all wrapped in a 120lb frame that packs a powerful punch.  Equipped with a dynamic delivery and a no-nonsense approach to the truth, poet Yo’ Sis speaks on a large spectrum of subjects to widely diverse audiences, nationwide. She has been welcomed by churches and cafes, as well as The Georgia State Capitol and Center Stage to share her voice by way of the SPOKEN WORD. 

She was an Icon Award Recipient for the 9th annual Tamika Festival in Atlanta, GA, awarded by international poet and entertainer, Georgia Me. She was spoken word’s Grinder of the Year 2017, and she has been formally recognized as an esteemed leader in her community.

She is a proud member of R2ISE Theatre and Purple Door Creations,  the long- time host of Reflective Soul Series in Atlanta, Ga, and the sole owner and operator of 515 Creations, LLC.

She released her debut album, Srirach and Sweet Tea, in summer 2017 and has been on Reverbnation’s Top Ten Atlanta, GA 40+ times. In summer 2019, she dropped a rap collaboration project entitled, Mixed Emotions, with Miami rapper Only1Tipy and is the author of Yo’ Sista’s Keeper, a collection of poetry, short stories, and other stuff. 

She is Woman. She is Power. She is Light. She is Fire. She is Growth. She is Grace. She is Hope. She is Faith. …She is not just an artist. For she is, indeed, an experience. 

Acknowledged at an early age for her various artistic abilities, Cassaundra Diane’e was born in Hagerstown, MD but she calls Georgia “home.” Aside from the many roles she plays as an artist, a sister, a mother to many, and a seasoned professional in the foster care system, She is a self-proclaimed lover of God, sunshine, and strong coffee.  Connect with her on social media! IG: yo_sis__ and FB:  and hear her on spotify:

Rekha Ohal

Rekha can be found playing the piano and singing her little heart out at numerous venues such as Dazzle, the South Boulder Social Club, and La Cour in Denver Colorado.  You can also find her on stage, as this actress is active in the theater.  She is the music director for the Bitsy Stage, teaches music to both adults and children, does energy sessions and works on her own compositions as well as a novella. In reality, she would like to find a little house near a creek and channel her inner Winnie-the-Pooh.

Lately she’s played gigs at retirement centers, taking residents down memory lane to their childhoods. One couple approached her. The husband said that even though his wife has Alzheimer’s, she remembered all the lyrics to all the songs. 

“That’s something that’s really interesting to me, working in this realm now — that the memory of lyrics of songs you knew when you were a child seems to not be scathed by dementia or Alzheimer’s,” Ohal says. “It’s just really amazing.” (Westworld Insider article by journalist Khaleel Hayes)

Listen to her music at: and and

Cary Cooper

Cary Cooper has toured and lived around the United States and currently calls Nashville TN home. She is a captivating performer and award winning songwriter, having won the Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk Competition in 2004 In early 2011, Cary was spotted by the producers of Troubadour, TX, a new TV docu/drama series that debuted nationwide in September, 2011 on the CW network.  Along with several other Texas songwriters, Cary was cast on the first season of the show.  

September 2012 saw Cary launch a Youtube channel called RealWomenReal Songs featuring herself and 13 of her favorite women writers who are committed to writing a song a week from a common prompt for an entire year. Season 2 had 21 songwriters and the current Season 3 has 21 songwriters plus 7 visual artists. Follow Real Women Real Songs on facebook here:

Hear Cary’s Music at and

Musical interlude Artist:

Rain Scott-Catoire

Rain Scott-Catoire is an actress, singer/songwriter, and pianist from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She will graduate from LSU with a BA in Theatre Performance in May 2022. These are two original songs but are performed as a part of her band, Karma and the Killjoys. To hear more, you can find Karma and the Killjoys on YouTube, on all music streaming services, and on Instagram (@karmaandthekilljoys).