Spirit of Sophia offers a variety of programs and events

Creative Heart Workshops

Typically 1.5 to 3 hour sessions, our workshops get you engaged in creative activities that are also thought-provoking to inspire and encourage you.  Depending on the needed time to explore the topic and/or create the art, workshops may take place in one session  or up to four.  Location of the workshop depends on the venue that best suits the nature of the workshop.

Check our Upcoming Events for future workshops!


If you are interested in our programs, but are in need of financial assistance in order to attend, please click here to learn more about our Scholarship Opportunities.

Gifting a Scholarship

If you would like to Donate to our Scholarship Fund to help provide the assistance needed so all women have the opportunity to attend these meaningful experiences – please click here.

Many donors comment on how fulfilling it is to provide the means for another woman to experience a day of renewal, meditation and connection with other women of wisdom –  an experience that otherwise would not be an option financially.

If you want to specify which program you want to donate a scholarship to, please email to inform us of your designation.